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y project for summer 2003 was a three season porch. It was built on top of the deck I built in 2002.

If you have already checked out my deck construction page, you'll see one of the reasons for making such a large deck was because of this project. I wanted an area where I could be outside yet get away from the bugs and as a bonus, reduce the amount of space shoveling in the winter time. As a side note, it took me longer to shovel my deck this past year then it did to do my driveway.

The basic design concept was as many doors and windows as possible. All in all, it came out to be three 5'x 4' windows, one 4'x 4' window, two 10' wide glass sliding doors, one 6' wide sliding door. For dimensions, I chose to extend the width of my current family room but not all of the way out in the other direction. I chose to leave to leave 4-5 feet worth of "walk around" space on the deck. This way, it leaves the pathing so you can walk around the deck without having to go through the porch. The basic room size is 12x18. The final cost was about $5300. Originally I had a guy come here and quote me $21,000 although that was kit construction.

Here is a link to the books I used as a reference for the design and framing techniques

Start date of 6/6/2003

Completion date of 8/17/2003

Price breakdown:

Framing lumber: $500
Roofing materials: $300
Brackets\nails\screws: $250
Windows: $450
Doors: $1650
Vinyl Siding\Gutters: $ 200
Electrical\lights: $300
Insulation: $200
Subfloor: $200
Drywall\Tape\Compound: $140
Floating floor: $700
Wainscoting: $80
Molding: $300

Total $5270

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