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he Kitchen was starting to look old after 40 years so I decided it was time to redo it with new redesign. I decided the way to go about it was a phased approach as money permitted instead of taking out a loan. Keeping with the fire repair idea of an open concept, I thought the first thing to do was remove two walls. One separates the family room and the other the formal dining room. My redesign plan is to convert the formal dining room and the kitchen into one large room. I also want to get rid of the pantry and go with cabinets that have a countertop to make it more modern and functional.

On April 20, 2007. I removed the walls and did Phase 1 of the project which was to replace the walls with engineered lumber beams. Phase 2 began on March 21, 2008. It began with the demolishion of the old kitchen. This was followed by removing the two windows. One windows I replaced with a door and the other had to moved over a few inches for a corner cabinet.

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Start date of construction: 4/20/2007
Completion date: 6/10/2008