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he goals for the week are to get the last dormer framed, the new master bathroom framed, maybe some plumbing and electricals for the bathroom. If we're lucky, the windows, which are due in end of week will get installed. Week 2 was supposed to start off with Frank framing the last dormer (where the master bathroom will go) but unfortunately, the weather was uncooperative again with a wind chill of -20 F. Instead, Frank demolished the wall for the new master bathroom and removed a window. The heating pipes froze due to the frigid temps and Frank was forced to install the insulation instead of waiting until after the inspection of the framing. This got fixed quick enough but his propane heater got so hot, it burnt through the 3/4 inch plywood it rested on and burnt the hardwood floor too. The waste pipe also got put in through the dining room exterior wall down into the basement. The 3" air pipe got put up through the attic for all three drains. The week finished up with half of the 2/3 of the roof getting done, 95% of the plumbing and most of the framing. The windows didn't come in so it looks like that will wait until after drywalling. I also helped out and demomlished the deadspace in front of the master bedroom.

Week 2 of the construction - February 5, 2007

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The window is gone and the wall has been rebuilt with a new location for the entrance. The framing inside is ready for completion of the final dormer.

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