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his bathroom was something like 16 years old but it was starting to stick out because it looked dumped compared compared to all of the other rooms now that I have fixed them up. The brown and pink tiles were a bit hideous to me. I also didn't like the tub. It was cast iron which is nice but it was older looking. It weighted about 300 lbs and wasn't fun to remove from the house. I tossed around the idea of refinishing it or getting a liner but both of those methods didn't appeal to me. Refinishing can be pricey plus you can still scratch it. Liners make the tub smaller. I decided to get something new and modern and had to figure out how to remove it though by myself. I came up with the idea of using craigslist's free section and had a load of people within the first hour. A few gorillas showed up and hauled it away but not before messing up a few things like my stairs and walls but oh well, it was free and gone! The new tub fit into the spot with some difficulties. The hot water pipe got in the way since the tub was slightly wider and I ended up having to cut the tub with a saw to make room. It didn't hurt the integrity of the tub and you can't see it because of the heater enclosure.

I demolished this bathroom as quick as the downstairs one and it cost me about 100 bucks at the dump which was twice the cost of the bathroom downstairs since it had a lot more tile. I was going to put in a surround for the shower but ran into difficulties installing it so I scrapped the idea and went with tile, which I like the look of better anyways. I ran two twelve gauge wires up to the attic for this project since the walls were open. I put in one 15 amp breaker for lights and another 20 amp for outlet and the venting fan which I broke out onto it's own switch. I also ran an extra wire for possible use later on down the line.

This bathroom didn't need venting since I put it in about 10 years ago. I did have to replace the closet door because I destroyed the old one getting the floor out of the way.

Start date of: 11/20/2010
Completion date of: 12/15/2010

Price breakdown:

  • tile for floor, shower wall, grout and thinset $500
  • tub $270
  • 36" vanity with granite top $500
  • toilet $160
  • mirror $110
  • shower faucet $140
  • vanity faucet $100
  • shower faucet $140
  • concrete backer for floor and shower $100
  • plywood $50
  • green board drywall $50
  • screws $60
  • electrical wire, breaker and parts $50
  • plumbing parts $50
  • debris dump cost $105
  • closet door $60
  • insulation $35
  • caulk $50
  • molding $60
  • accessories (toilet paper holder, towel hangers, curtain, etc) $100
  • Total Roughly $2500
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