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he previous owner used to have a wife and she was bed ridden so the shower situation in the downstairs bedroom was a little odd. It had handles on the walls and the shower head and tiles were waist high. This wasn't really useable for the average family so it's something I knew I could improve apon. Plus, I hated the lilac color scheme and wallpaper. I tossed around ideas on how to rearrange the room because if you see the picture below, there was a window over the tub and if I were to make it into a full shower/tub, it would be in the way. There weren't a lot of options without losing the window all together. What I decided to do was not have a tub at all and go with a shower only set up. I decided to go with a shower that had a 32" base and then still had enough room to have a smaller window. One other thing I wanted to add was a fan for venting.

I demolished the room pretty quick (like one day) and I was able to fit into two dump runs in my trailer. It was fairly heavy stuff though with the all the tile run aroudn the room. At first tried to only replace the drywall going halfway up the wall. This didn't work out so well because I ended up having to run wires and ended up having to rip down the ceiling drywall as well for hooking up the vent duct work for the fan on the ceiling. I was able to bang out the plumbing and electrical work in less than a week. I added a new vanity light box because prior to this project, the room just had the one light on the ceiling. Most of the work was removing the tub and old window, then reframing it all and fixing the siding on the outside of the house. I also had to add a vent outside on the siding for the shower. It also took a while to receive the shower once I knew the size I needed.

Start date of: 6/10/2009
Completion date of: 8/15/2009

Price breakdown:

  • debris charge at the dump $60
  • tile for shower walls and floor $450
  • shower door and base $975
  • 36" vanity $325
  • vanity top $200
  • toilet $200
  • shower membrane $50
  • shower faucet $140
  • concrete boardfor shower walls and floor $50
  • plywood $60
  • window $150
  • green board drywall $100
  • fan/light fixture $90
  • vanity light $70
  • lumber $20
  • screws $30
  • electrical parts $20
  • plumbing $40
  • paint $50
  • accessories (toilet paper holder, towel hangers, etc) $100
  • molding $75
  • Total Roughly $3300
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