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uring the spring of 2001, I decided to remove some of the trees in front of my house. I worried about doing this because removing a tree is a serious matter. Killing trees is just no fun and removing them would be a big task. But the more I thought about the trees the more I realized they were not only diminishing my enjoyment of the house but they were endangering the house itself.

This turned out to be one of the best Kenovation decisions I've made. Previously, I had no lawn and didn't even own a lawn mower. The property was totally covered with white pine trees which would litter the property with tons of pine needles every fall, covering everything. The needles also caused mildew to grow on the house and were slowly wrecking the roof. To top it off, every ice storm—and there are plenty in the northeast—caused huge branches to slam against and fall onto the house.

I decided to get 29 trees cut down. I knew I couldn't handle a job of this size myself so I got a few estimates from professionals. The estimates varied wildly. The first estimate was for $14,000 which seemed very high. The next estimate was for only $2,000 but the contractor said he would destroy just about everything in the front of the house, including my driveway. Maybe he was going to use dynamite to keep costs low! The third estimate was for $5,000 and the contractor promised to limit destruction of the property, including the trees I decided should stay.

I decided to hire the $5,000 contractor and booked them for the last week of April. No can do, they told me, and booked me for the second week of May. On July 19th, they actually showed up! So the job wasn't actually started and finished until the summer.

I was pretty happy with the skill of the workem and was especially pleased with my choice when they swung half of an 80 foot tree right at the house. Luckily, it never got damaged during the removal process!

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