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ere is one of my small spring projects for Spring 2004. My house is next to a highway and it's not the nicest thing to see or hear so I've been meaning to do something about it, short of moving. On the side of the house that faces it, I have a retaining wall made out of field stone and concrete with a 5 foot drop off. Along it was a line of forsythia shrubs which don't make the best hedge because one, they lose their leaves in the Fall and two, don't grow very high. So I decided to remove them and replace it with something else. I looked around and was dismayed at the price of trees. Woah! They are pricey for anything substantialy tall. The best thing I could find were arbortias at Home Depot. They cost about $30 each and were 4 feet tall. They grow to between 10-15 feet tall which is much better than the forsthia's 6 feet height. The other good thing is that they grow fast. I decided to plant them 3 feet about so therefore I needed 28 of them. Kind of insane when you think of the fact that I spent a lot of money removing trees and now I what I plant more. Home ownership is nuts!

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