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he Family Room and Train Room Kenovation was my winter project for 2002-2003. I was bored and needed something to do but my plan for world domination hadn't quite gelled yet so I decided to tear the house apart and put it back together different. My original plan was to use contractors for some of the work but the estimates I got were outrageous. I only had a little bit of money and I had a lot of boredom so I figured it would all even out in the end. Here were my goals:

Goal 1: The very steep staircase in the family room had obviously been inspired by Mayan architecture. To test this theory I had thrown captured enemy warriors down on numerous occasions, but now I had grown tired of this idle sport. So I decided to remove the steep staircase and make the family room bigger. I would add a spiral staircase in the corner of the room.

Goal 2: I would either add heat to the room upstairs and make it the master bedroom or not add heat and make it the master refrigerator. I opted for the heat plus master bedroom plan.

Goal 3: I would connect the two parts of the second story. Before, each had its own staircase. The staircase needed to be removed for this Kenovation due to the pitch of the roof. The only place to make a doorway was where the stairs were standing.

Goal 4: I wanted to keep the cost under $4,000. I actually hoped it would cost about $2,500. The final cost was about $2,000 since I ended up doing everything myself including the heating.

Goal 5: All the Kenovations had to be durable and the finished product had to look good enough to eat. In the end I had to stop myself from eating it. Actually, I ate one floorboard but I replaced it.

Update - December 2010-May 2011 - I ended up doing another update to this project by putting in a knee wall next to where I put in the built-in dressers in the master bedroom. It was wasted space because of the pitch. On May 11, 2011, I hung the raised panel doors my brother Robert made me out of oak. See the updated pictures on the last page.


Main Family/Train Room KenovationFamily/Train Room "Before" Pictures - October 11, 2002Staircase Demolition - October 12, 2002Drywall Replacement & Making the Upstairs Doorway - October 20, 2002Getting Ready for the Spiral Staircase - October 29, 2002Spiral Staircase Installed - October 30, 2002Family Room Done, Train Room Gutted - November 10, 2002Installing Dressers & Knee Wall - December 4, 2002Building the Spiral Staircase Door & Dressers Work - December 8, 2002Painting the Train Room, Errrr, New Master Bedroom - December 15, 2002Moved into the Master Bedroom on New Years! - December 31, 2002Skylights - August 6, 2004Next Page
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