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uring the Fall of 2005, I decided to renovate my master bedroom closet. I figured that if I moved one of the walls over by 16 inches along with implementing modern closet shelving that I could effectively double the amount of clothes that I had in it. The old setup was designed as one length of full height clothing rack. My plan was to split it up between man and woman's side, each with their whole needs.

For the house, this is the second time this closet has been renovated. The previous owner built the wall that I ended up tearing down. If he had just built it a little wider, he could have designed both sides of the closet to hang up clothes. It wasn't a very efficient design and I saw that I could improve upon it. The other part that I didn't like was that he left two small walls up that divided the closet into sections from when the house was originally built. My plan was to knock these down too and make it one big walk in closet. The dimensions of the finished closet would be 14'x7'.

Since a man doesn't need full height clothes to hang up like a woman's needs for dresses, I decided to make one section double hung. For the woman's side I made a small section full height and the rest normal height. Both sections were to also have plenty of shelf space for sweaters and folded clothes.


  • Week 1 - Remove the old shelving, demolish two small walls and a small closet with door.
  • Week 2 - Move the wall, drywall and mud
  • Week 3 - Sand and paint.
  • Week 4 - Carpet and molding
  • Week 5 - Hang new shelving.

Start date of 10/2/2005
Completion date of 11/6/2005

Price breakdown:

  • Shelving and hardware: $650
  • Carpeting: $250
  • Drywall: $30
  • Total $930
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