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worked on the attic while the tree guys were working outside. I wanted to put in a venting light fixture into the upstairs bathroom but the issue I ran into was not having access into the area above the ceiling for running the hose to vent. I knew I had a small amount of space up there but wasn't too sure since it had no access. I got out my saw and proceeded to make a hole in the hallway. 15 minutes later, I had a 3 x 3 hole. I peeped my head up to find I had about 3 1/2 feet worth of head space that ran end to end for the house - about 36 feet. I ran down to Home Depot and bought a few sheets of plywood that I had to saw lengthwise to go it up the hole I made. Wala! I had myself an attic.

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The molding holds the entrance. If you push it up and slide it over, you can walk up in.

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